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Maui Part I – Aloha from SBS

Missoula to Maui – two trips – 6-weeks – off the grid – this is awesome!

We completed our in depth site analysis of the Maui, Hawaii facility earlier in April.  We shot three video clips of the existing 20 year old PV system which we will soon have on our site. The clips detail the review of this system which is at the end of its useful life, and our suggestions of what to replace it with.

In brief we will be installing a 5.6 kW solar array and expanding the existing mount structure.  The two Trace inverters will be replaced with four Outback inverters and a Outback power panel.  A stationary generator will be installed to maximize the battery charging ability of the above mentioned inverter/chargers and minimize the generator run time.

As the pool filtration pump was found to be consuming one third of the entire facilities electrical power, this AC pump will be replaced with a DC pump powered from its own three module solar array.  This will maximize overall efficiency and greatly reduce the man hours spent in cleaning the pool.

We are scheduled to install this system in the first half of June so we will keep posting as we go.


Dan “the Solar Man” Brandborg

Photovoltaic Energy Specialist

NABCEP Certified