Massive Solar PV System for Bitterroot Valley Farm

This Solar PV system in the Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana utilizes two banks of sealed batteries (right side of photo) of 48 volts and 2,400 amp hour rating. Resulting in total capacity of 4,800 amp hours.  This equates to 230,400 watt hours of storage.

The left wall holds six solar controllers which regulate the sub-arrays charging, three inverters, associated switch gear. The inverters are battery based yet sell excess energy not used by the farm back to the grid.  We included a number of transfer switches to have the option of operating various buildings totally separate from the grid if wanted.


This is the main solar array of the ABC Farm.  It is comprised of 60 each, 250 watt modules for a 15,000 watt array.  Another 30 modules are located on the processing building to the West.  The arrays are wired through six controllers and all feed the central battery bank.

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