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New Carbon Footprint Calculator (Thanks, ClearSky)

We’ve decided, in the spirit of good business collaboration, to take our relationship with ClearSky Climate Solutions one step further and really play in the sustainability sandbox together.  After dancing through the customary hoops of basic legalese, we are proud to feature ClearSky’s carbon footprint calculator on the SBS website.

Our carbon footprint friend, ClearSky Climate Solutions

(NOTE: Back in February in this blog SBS announced that it is now a carbon neutral company.  We are achieving our neutrality through carbon offset credits purchased from a fellow Missoula based entity, ClearSky Climate Solutions.)

What does this mean for you?   Well, a couple of things.

First, if you’re just curious about claculating your carbon footprint, you can now do that on our site through the ClearSky carbon footprint calculator.

Second, if you’re looking to work with SBS for an advanced home or business energy audit, some retrofitting work to your structure, and/or implementing some renewable energy (think Solar PV) sources, you are probably going to end up reducing your energy load somewhere in the ballpark of 20%-90%.  But what to do about offsetting that remaining % of energy use?  Well, now SBS can do that for you, too, through the help of ClearSky.

And finally, if you link up with ClearSky through SBS and decide to work with them directly, you get 10% off as an SBS customer.

So, without further abandon, start assessing your home or business’s energy use today, and start saving with SBS and ClearSky!  We’d love to take you “all the way” to carbon neutrality.